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Our warm, winter Chicken and Corn Soup is now available to order at recess. At only $2 it makes a delicious and nutritious morning snack.Chickensoup

Daily Special Trials

As part of adding variety to the school canteen menu, we are trialling a new range of
daily specials.
Week 3 Special – Wednesday 6th May 2015
Ham, Cheese and Tomato Frittata $3.50
Roasted Pumpkin, Spinach and Cheese Frittata $3.50

166861_Pumpkin__Spinach___Goat_S_Chees_Mini_Frittatas-2It sounds delicious!  This is part of the canteen committee’s desire to create healthy and yummy food options for our students!  🙂

Written and photos by Clare Whitehead; Posted by D. Veary

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