On the last two school days of Term 1 the Kindy children celebrated Harmony Day. Excited children arrived at school dressed in traditional costumes from around the world as well as the official Harmony Day colour of orange.

Photo1B (1) (Small)

Photo1B (2) (Small)In the morning parents were enchanted by a concert of Harmony Day themed songs that had been practised to perfection!

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Photo3 (3) (Small)The grand finale was a playful song about travelling around Australia which saw all of the parents joining in to sing and dance together in a spirit of fun and togetherness!

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Photo4B (Small)Throughout the day the children participated in lots of Harmony Day activities including: making a friendship bracelet to give to someone in their class, having their face painted, parachute games and decorating a harmony heart.

Photo6 (1) (Small)Many parents returned at midday for a shared lunch and enjoyed a delicious feast with their children.

Photo5 (2) (Small)The Kindy children went home tired and happy. It certainly was a wonderful way to end their first term ever at primary school!

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Photo8 (Small)Photos and written by Olivia Matthews; Posted by D. Veary

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