Great Excitement as New Playground Opens

On Wednesday the much awaited new nature playground for Years 4, 5 and 6 opened!  As a staged opening, Year 4 students were invited to use the playground on Wednesday, Year 5s on Thursday and Year 6 students have it to themselves today!  

As you can see from these photos and video clip at the end, students were swarming all over the equipment, trying out different elements of the design and discovering how they could use the structure imaginatively.

The climbing ropes seemed to be most people’s favourite on the day – going up and going down.  Students found out that they have to try it to work out the rules for themselves…this is a nature playground and there is no one way to do anything.  It’s teaching communication, collaboration, creativity, flexibility and problem-solving – all in a playful way.

Balancing act on the logs and stones…

It has been a great project by the P&C and many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped in the process and in the hard yakka of shovelling soft-fall fill.  The sheer delight shown on the ‘open’ days should make you proud.

Roka said,

I really like the climbing rope as it’s challenging.

Nicholas said,

I like the new playground because it’s more natural and not artificial and there’s imagination as well.  The best part is that it’s fun and you can challenge yourself.  So…do it!

Photos and movie clip, posted and written by D. Veary

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