Anaconda Adventure Race. Augusta Adventure Fest. Eagle Bay Epic. Nod your head if you’ve been part of one of these, or if it’s been one of your wildest dreams. You’d be picturing a creative and challenging course immersed in nature, bush and greenery; encountering obstacles and overcoming challenges.

In our inaugural 2020 MRPS Adventure Fun Run, our students got a taster of the fun and the adrenalin – jumping over logs, leopard crawling under nets, clambering through a spiderweb of ropes and free-fall running down Dune 7!

The course catered for all levels of fitness, snaking its way across grassy ovals before offering choice: either a straight run or ‘obstacle lane’, where students shimmied up steps, skipped over hurdles and forward-rolled their way across a mountain of mats. As in all adventure races, the course wound through the forest bushland where nature provided its own challenges.

Students emerged from the shade of the tall trees into a scene from Gulliver’s Travels when they reached ‘Hoopla’, leaping through ginormous hoops like Lilliputians before doubling over to scramble Gulliver-like through the mini hoops.

From start to finish, this was an adventure fun run to remember. The air was filled with squeals of laughter as bodies tumbled and runners puffed their way around and around the course! Excitement travelled like a hot-air balloon above the track, with sudden loud bursts of energy at each obstacle then floating just out of reach above the runners.

Afterwards, students sprawled on the grass – panting, sweating and exhausted, but with huge smiles plastered across their faces. This was a true fun run!

As you can see in the video, our juniors had as much fun back at school competing in their own adventure obstacle fun run!

Written by D. Veary; Video clip by Troy Yates; Posted by D. Veary

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