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Curried Lentil Hand Pies

Last week in Kitchen we made scrumptious curry pies!

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First Sarah demonstrated. After that we went to our stations and allocated the role of head chef. The next step was to gather all our ingredients.

Kitchen with T10 25

We were curious about the new ingredients. Most of the spices that we had were new to us and full of colour and flavour.

One of the students thought he’d have a quick taste of the chilli!  Everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. After the first bite, colour rushed to his face while he tried to hold back the water filling his eyes. He kept his lips fixed in a grin until he couldn’t hold on any longer and began panting for breath while running to the sink for a glass of water. All the students started cracking up like a pack of hyenas. NO-ONE ELSE went near the chilli!

Kitchen with T10 26

The ingredients of the curry were a mix of vegetables, tomato paste, and lentils. Most of the greens were Asian greens with big long crunchy leaves. The new spices were strong-smelling with an appetizing colour! Students were holding back their tastebuds, trying not to gobble it all up in one go.

Kitchen with T10 27

When the vegetables went into the frying pan you could hear them sizzling away, turning smaller and smaller.

Kitchen with T10 28We piled the vegetable mix onto the cut pastry rounds and folded them over to make pies.

Kitchen with T10 29Straight out of the oven they were delicious!

Kitchen with T10 30

Written by Ariya N.

Feedback from the Cooks:

Stella said:

The trickiest part was cutting hte onions because it made us cry.


Kade said:

I really enjoyed cutting the pastry.


Raine said:

the most interesting ingredients today were the spices.


Jemima said:

Today I learnt how to fold the pastries.


Kitchen with T10 31Garden Talk by Yasmin

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a kokadama that will decorate your house or back garden very well? Well if you answered yes, then you have come to the right site!






Sphagnum moss.


1. You will need a ball of soil that should be stored in a bucket.

2. When you have compacted the ball, split the ball in half. It is common for the ball to crumble, so do not worry if your ball starts to fall apart. Simply pick it up and pat it to the original shape.

3. Simply place the succulent of your choice on one of the halves so some of it is sticking out of the top. Squeeze the 2 halves tightly together and turn it into a ball again.

Kitchen with T10 32

4. Next you will need the spaghnum moss. Grab a handful, squeeze it out, then firmly pack it on and all around so the soil underneath is not seen.

5. Finally, you will need the string that was previously mentioned. Wrap the string around your nearly finished kokadama until no soil or anything is at risk of falling out and tie a knot to finish it off. Then hang it up to finish the kokadama.

Kitchen with T10 33

I hope this helped give a little tutorial about how you can decorate your room, house or back garden. They are very decorative and pretty and will give a special vibe to your house.

Written by Yasmin C.

Written and photos by Ariya and Yasmin; Posted by D. Veary



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