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2017 Go-karts get the Adrenalin Pumping

Tyres and haybales lined the track as the chequered flags were held aloft, then sharply lowered.  Revved up racers gripped the steering wheels of their innovative machines as they sprang forward.  It could well have been a scene from a Kyalami racetrack, but no –  it was the annual Year 6 Go-kart Race on our […]

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Student School Leaders for 2017

Election fever hit Margaret River Primary last week as Year 6 aspirant leaders campaigned hard to win votes from their peers.  The results are in and this year’s school leaders are: School Councillors: Skye C.  Abbey L.   Kobe H. and Noah G. Faction Captains: EARTH – Emile C. and Ante A. OCEAN – Kai-Anna P. […]

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2015 Go Kart Derby

What an exciting day it was for the annual Go Kart Derby last week!  You can see just how much work and creativity went into this collaborative event from these pictures and the slideshow in this post! As you watch the slideshow here you can appreciate the real-life context this collaborative project has, and how it has […]

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Student Leaders Step Up

CONGRATULATIONS! Our new Year 6 student school leaders have been working hard, leading assemblies and being really responsible leaders.  They campaigned for votes and students had their say.  They really are stepping up into the role. Back Row: Elizabeth  L (Forest), Ozzy D (Forest), Gus S  (Sun), Sophie R (Ocean). Front Row: Murray M (Earth), […]

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