Year 6 Camp Week 2023 1

After a whirlwind week of Year 6 Camp – bonding as a year group, making new friends, exploring subterranean worlds or climbing to the very top of a lighthouse,

Year 6 Camp Week 2023 2

chattering away on the many bus rides,

Year 6 Camp Week 2023 3

willingly taking that uncomfortable step out of their comfort zones to fly like a bird down a zipline or walk one slow step at a time across a highwire strung from tree to tree before radiating that beautiful inner glow of personal achievement,

Year 6 Camp Week 2023 4
Year 6 Camp Week 2023 5

or simply having fun swimming after their barbeque as they celebrated a big year as our MRPS 2023 Year 6 – it’s back to school (and swimming lessons down at the beach) to put in that final effort in the lead-up to graduation!

Year 6 Camp Week 2023 6
Year 6 Camp Week 2023 7

And today (Monday) High School beckons as our Year 6 students experience a timetabled transition “Day at High School”. Great camp week everybody and we’d like to say a special thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who came along and worked incredibly hard, carrying, cooking, serving, and just being back-up! (Yes, we mean you too!) You are so appreciated!

Year 6 Camp Week 2023 8

Photos by Mark Harrison and Dawn Veary; Written and posted by Dawn Veary

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