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Celebrating Sporting Success

Last week Year 4/5/6 swimming champions were announced at the combined assembly.  The final results of the faction swimming carnivals were also announced. They are:Year 4: RU Boy Isaac A, Champ Flynn H Year 4: RU Girl Lottie W, Champ Poppy W Year 4: Encouragement Zoe J Winning Faction: Sun Year 5: RU Boy Curren […]

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Kyesier Swimming (Small)

Year 5 & 6 Swimming Carnivals – 2018

On Monday 22nd October the Year 5 students and the Year 6 students competed in their Faction Swimming Carnivals. This year it was decided to split the year levels across the day to alleviate previous congestion and noise level, and from all reports the new format worked brilliantly. The Year 5’s were first off the […]

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Perfect Waves for 2018 Faction Surfing Carnival

Our Faction Surfing Carnival was held on Friday 6 April at Inside Grunters in perfect offshore conditions. We couldn’t have asked for better conditions which allowed both the more experienced surfers an opportunity to show their skills and the developing surfers the chance to paddle into waves that were perfect for their ability level. It […]

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