[Editor’s Note: What a great day it was!  Share the fun and enjoy the video clip at the end.]

Mrps Fun Run 2021 7

No thunder. No rain. No wild weather. The weather gods smiled on us and put the predicted storms on hold for our 2021 Fun Run on Thursday!
The excitement was palpable as students gathered in the undercover area, bodies literally bouncing in situ with smiles as wide as our beautiful ocean, as they waited their turn to leave for Gloucester Park. A long green line of bobbing hats streamed down Wallcliffe Road, past the Skate Park, past the Shire…Heart Centre…Pool…and up to the start!
Mrps Fun Run 2021 8
Mr Yates started each year level and the fun was on! The course was even more creative and extensive than last year with obstacles like The Web, Commando Crawl, The Maze and The Log, while intermittently winding its way through forest tracks and creek crossings before returning to the ovals.
Mrps Fun Run 2021 9
Muddy but happy, with smiles all round, friends gathered to compare their experience at the end before heading back to school for lunch. (Click on image for larger image slideshow)
Many thanks to Troy Yates for his course design, Jenny Robb for co-ordinating the event and all the admin, staff, parents and helpers who set up the course early in the morning, manned checkpoints and crossings, and encouraged and motivated our participants. Your participation makes this the much anticipated school community event that it is. Thank you!
Written, posted, photos and video clip by D. Veary; Photos by Troy Yates

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