Breaking Garden News 2016 Photo 1Garden Term 3 Lesson 2

Winter is an odd time for the garden because in this particular season some plants grow very well but some plants can’t grow very well because of the cold weather. Today in garden the groups had some hard jobs to do.

Terrific Tomatoes were washing and cutting the bok choy. Bok choy is a chinese cabbage. It is one of the plants that can survive winter but it is also a hard plant to cut so Ange did a demo of how to cut it. The Terrific tomatoes said it  felt smooth on the stem and bumpy on the leaf. They also said it was their favourite job so far. 1 (Small)
Radical Radishes were putting rock and lime dust in some of garden beds (the two garden beds nearest the bike rack). They said it was a fun job to do and they also said the dust was soft and felt strange. They had to weed the garden beds before putting the rock dust and lime dust on the garden beds.

2 - Rock And Lime Dust (Small)Amazing Apples were picking the broccoli. They forgot to pick up the secateurs so it was a bit hard for them at first. They said it was not the easiest job in the garden but they enjoyed it just the same. They said it felt really organic, soft on the stem but bumpy and they managed to get two whole bags. 3 (Small)The Brilliant Broccoli were dealing with the chickens. They had to pick up the chickens’ poo, fill the chooks’ water bucket, fill  the chooks’ food bucket and find snails from the garden for them to eat. The Brilliant Broccoli said the chooks felt really soft because of their feathery bodies and smelt really smelly because they roll around in mud way too much.  4 - Chickens (Small)
The Cool Carrots were supposed to harvest kale but they accidentally harvested parsley instead -oops! There are three different kinds of kale in the garden so no wonder they got confused. Can you pick which ones looks a bit like parsley.? The Cool Carrots said that the parsley smelt really strong up your nose.  It almost made you cry. The Cool Carrots ate a little bit of parsley each and it tasted just as strong as it smelt!
5 (Small)The Crafty Capsicans were harvesting kale, they said it felt smooth on the stem but lumpy on the leaf. They had to water the kale and then pick it. The kale was cut at the bottom of the stem not just the leaf. The kale was bunched together with an elastic band, was washed and put into the kitchen fridge for us to use later.

5A (Small)5B (Small)

Did you pick the one which looked a lot like parsley?  Well done!   🙂

Marvellous Mushrooms were in charge of the worm towers. These are like mini worm farms. A tube is stuck into the soil.  Worms and food are added and then a little water is added and a lid with holes in it are popped on top so the worms don’t escape. The worms do their magic – the worm juice fertilises the plants.

002 (Small)That was another great and hard working garden lesson.

Photos and written by Garden Journalists: Sara C. and Annabel B. Posted by D. Veary

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