A Not-so-Random Act of Kindness 7It all began with a single kind thought!

Nickole Munyard (education assistant at our school) was watching Max Godden (our crossing man on Forrest Road) guide students over the crossing outside school in the midst of a winter rainstorm when she thought,

“He should have somewhere to shelter from the rain inbetween crossings”.

Being Nickole, her obvious next thought was,

“How can I organise some shelter for Max?”

Her empathy soon snowballed into a group effort which then involved the wider community and led to a not-so-random act of kindness,  culminating in the shelter you can see above.

A Not-so-Random Act of Kindness 8The group sought and obtained permission to erect the shelter, which took shape last weekend.  People who contributed time, materials and hard work were Nickole, Eric and Erica Teasdale, Justin (the neighbour), Dan Cahill, Terry Rose, Lions Margaret River, Home Hardware Margaret River and Marcia and John Mumme.

I asked Max Godden about the shelter and he said

It’s fantastic, especially in the rainy weather.  And the kids love using it too.

A Not-so-Random Act of Kindness 9How fitting it is that it was empathy for Max’s kind work that initiated this action to show appreciation for Max and the job he does for our students, just as it was Max’s empathy and concern for the safety of our students that led him to take action to create and man this safe school crossing on Forrest Road some 8 years ago.

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos by Nickole Munyard