CONGRATULATIONS to our new Year 7 school leaders! 

Election campaigning and voting is over and we now have our successful School Councillors for 2011: Bella Mc., Lokie T., Finn H. and Sophie N.  2011 School Councillors (Small)

Leading our school factions are: Red Faction – Kye S. and Kirrily M.; Green Faction –Taylor K. and Taylor C.  ;  Gold Faction:  Emmaly C. and Tom Mc.  ; and Blue Faction-  Aimee J. and Liam P.   

Faction Captains (Taylor C. Absent)
Faction Captains (Taylor C. absent)


They are looking forward to their new responsibilities which include running assemblies, leading their factions in Athletics Carnivals and generally being good role models and helping out with all school-run activities.  Well done and good luck!  🙂

Our 2011 School Leaders Showing That Responsibilities Can Be Fun! (Taylor C. Absent)
Our 2011 School Leaders showing that responsibility can still be fun! (Taylor C. absent)

3 thoughts on “YEAR 7 SCHOOL LEADERS

  1. Robyn Glasson says:

    Congratulations, everybody! All the best for your last year of primary school and good luck in your leadership roles!

  2. Lee-Anne Townrow says:

    Congratulations to you all !
    We are very proud of Lokie and look forward to the year seven’s having a fantastic year in 2011.

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