Ms Helen On Keyboards And Shane On Drums
Ms Helen on keyboards and Shane on drums

We’re learning a new school song.  This morning at our assembly, Ms Helen led the school in singing our new school song.  These are the words.  Soon you’ll be able to hear us sing it on here too.


This is our school and we’re here together, ev’ry day, ev’ry day
We learn to play and we grow together, ev’ry day, ev’ry day

So we’ll help each other ev’ry way we can
If I see you fall, I’ll help you stand
If you need a friend, I’ll take your hand
And we’ll make this a happy place. 
We’ll try  – thinking of others.
We’ll try  – thinking of others and
we’ll make this school
the best place it can be. – Yeah!

2 thoughts on “NEW SCHOOL SONG

  1. Judy Kealy says:

    Groovy! We have a school song too. It has lots of verses and has been recorded on CD. It even finishes with a Boo-yeah! Well done Miss Helen…still rocking the music room.

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