Year 3s to visit Skatepark in new MR Youth Precinct 7

As part of their structures inquiry, Year 3 students will be going on an excursion to the Shire offices, the Cultural Centre (new HEART project)  and the soon-to-be-completed Skate Park this week. As an immersion experience, the project manager Alexis Sartitsis came to school last week to present the concept and explain the design and construction process to over a hundred year 3 students. Year 3s to visit Skatepark in new MR Youth Precinct 8

He gave them a visual treat, showing a 3D animation of the precinct and he had students totally engaged, directing him around the pump track, over jumps and requesting a spin in “the bowl”!

Around twenty years ago the original skate park was constructed by the same firm, which was started by one of our own Margaret River Primary parents (Mr Oxenham), and it is the same firm which is in the process of completing the revamp which will see a Youth Precinct span almost three times the area in a design which looks set to cater for all levels of skill as well as providing for other equipment and picnic areas for families.

Our year threes can’t wait for Thursday to see the skate park for themselves and they’re already planning what they’d do there when it’s finished.

You can take a look for yourself by clicking on these links to the Shire website.

“You can view the preliminary design plans on the Shire website(External link) and in the documents section.” click here for SHIRE WEBSITE LINK


Year 3s to visit Skatepark in new MR Youth Precinct 9

Student feedback after his presentations included:

Kai said:
I liked the 3D walk the best because we saw the different parts as they’d be in real life. I really want to be there!

Oscar said:
I like the way the colours they’ve chosen represent special things in Margaret River. (vineyards, caves and ocean)

Sid said:
I like the wave shelter for rainy days.

and Meg said:
I like how they’re going to use the big rock as part of the skate park.

Mrs Veary said:
Thank you, Alexis for enthusing our students and giving them such a visual experience in preparation for their excursion.

Written and photos by D. Veary

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