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Mel Somerset has taken on the challenging role of Kitchen Co-ordinator, supporting Susie Ormonde (Kitchen Garden Co-ordinator) and the rest of the Kitchen Garden Team, leading students in fortnightly cooking sessions in our brand new kitchen.

I peeked my head in on Thursday to meet Mel and find out how her first day of cooking with students had gone.  I found her busily chopping and arranging herbs on the big wooden kitchen table which serves as a demonstration table then a communal eating table where all the cooks proudly display their finished meals before tucking in.

Welcome To The Kitchen, Mel! 12

Looking around the kitchen I was impressed with the light-filled space, accented with bold colour and bright red cooking appliances which were dotted around the five cooking stations.  Tall racks along the wall hold pots and pans and crockery while the space has been skilfully extended with an attached walk-in pantry.  Walking into this room felt like being in the “Masterchef pantry” with its interesting collection of ingredients and I’m sure the Year 4/5 students who cook in here feel like they’re living the Junior Masterchef dream too.

Welcome To The Kitchen, Mel! 13

Interviewing Mel I was struck by her passion for her role, which seems to be simply an extension of her personal commitment to seasonal living in her own home. She spoke enthusiastically about her desire to teach students “how to distinguish seasonal produce in order to make them better consumers. In the old days, children would have seen Nanna preserving, cooking and baking, but in today’s world they don’t seem to get that any more. “

Mel explained how students will be able to see the full process: cooking with fresh and seasonal ingredients they have grown themselves from seed and picked fresh from the kitchen garden to put into their meal or by using home preserves from their own kitchen, like sundried tomatoes or grilled capsicum.

“In an ideal world this is how everyone should live and if we can give kids the knowledge they need, this might help them to take some of the load off their parents too.”

Welcome To The Kitchen, Mel! 14

When students cook in the kitchen they work in small groups to prepare their meals, using seasonal produce (much of which they pop out into the kitchen garden to pick).  They then set the tables for communal eating, sharing the meals they have prepared.  Mel said she had noticed a real sense of pride in the students as they dressed the tables, setting out the knives and forks, a napkin and glass of water for each person.  After the meal, where good social skills are promoted, the students share the responsibility of washing up.  Mel was impressed with the number of boys and girls who had willingly volunteered their help.

Welcome To The Kitchen, Mel! 15

When asked to sum up how she felt after the first day of students’ cooking, she laughed and said,

“This job’s like winning lotto.  It was amazing!  They thoroughly enjoyed it and had a good time.  It was SO much fun for both them and me!”

Her passion for ‘seasonal living’ is infectious and Year 4/5 students are going to love their sessions in the kitchen, growing then picking seasonal produce, knowing that the delicious meals they prepare are part of the seed to table ethos this wonderful program provides.

Written, photos and posted by Dawn Veary


  1. Emma Glynn says:

    Congratulations to all involved. The photos of the kitchen are wonderful. How lucky we are to have Mel !!

  2. Nola Hickey says:

    Our class had a fantastic time being the lucky class to be the very first to cook in the kitchen. Mel is so entusiastic about the job that the students could not help but love to go into the kitchen with her. The kitchen and garden have been a real positve activity in the education of our year 4 students.

  3. Kristi Head says:

    It sounds like the kitchen will be a real hit! Great Work everyone! I have a suggestion…… A recipe book would be a great addition to the kitchen. Chn can draw pictures of the recipes as they go, set out in seasons for the fresh produce. Sell to parents and family as fundraiser or chn bring home at end of term, season or year.

  4. Rosalie Tomlinson says:

    The kitchen looks fantastic. I am sure many healthy, delicious meals will be prepared under the guidance of Mel and our children will gain so much satisfaction from also planting, caring for, and harvesting the fresh produce from our fabulous garden. Thank you Geoff, Susie, Mel and everyone involved for making this possible.

  5. Lee-Anne Townrow says:

    Volunteering in the kitchen classes truly gives you an insight into how passionate the Team is and and what a fantastic opportunity it is for the students involved.
    A huge pat on the back for all of those people who have worked so tirelessly to make this happen, particularly Geoff, Mel and Suzie – Happy Cooking everyone.

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