Christening The Kitchen! 7

Our Kitchen Garden project came of age on Wednesday with the first group of students cooking pizzas in our brand new kitchen.

Mel Somerset led T2 students in the inaugural “cook-up” in the new Kitchen for our Kitchen Garden Project.  Students cooked pizza from scratch, picking herbs from the kitchen garden and working co-operatively to produce delicious pizzas.

Byron and Jayden both cooked in the same team on Wednesday and they ‘relished’ the experience.  They told me that when making their pizza they had used “lime, cashews, basil and thyme from the garden  – oh, and ham and cheese”.

When asked what he’d enjoyed most about the experience, Byron said:
“I just love to cook.  I don’t get a chance to cook at home that much.  It was a good feeling picking some of the produce you’ve grown yourself.”

Jayden added:
“It was fun.  I don’t usually get to cook the pastry for pizza.”

They agreed that the pizzas tasted delicious and they’d enjoyed the variety as there were heaps of different pizzas to eat at the end of the session.

You can see how much fun T2 had in these photos and I’m sure their parents are going to request home-cooked pizza from them very soon.

Christening The Kitchen! 8Christening The Kitchen! 9

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos by Lil Rochford and Sinan Kerimofski


  1. BigThingsHapn says:

    Katrina says:

    That just looks like so much fun….an amazing job done girls. Susie and Mel you are legends, the kids looked like they had a great time too. Welldone everyone involved!!

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