Photo 1 (Small)T6 students have been busily immersing themselves in the fascinating topic of sustainability as they start their new inquiry topic, “Grow Your Own”. Students have been learning though all their senses as they discover the principles of Permaculture, an example of sustainable farming. They have “obtained a yield” from the Kitchen Garden and constructed solar ovens to “capture energy”.

Photo 2 (Small)Students have also investigated the effect of salt on plant growth by constructing wicking bottle gardens in Science. Over the coming weeks they will explore some of the other interesting and inspiring concepts of sustainability.

Photo 4 (Small)All of the Year Five classes will then have an opportunity to see the principles of sustainability come alive later this term when we go on an excursion to Fair Harvest Permaculture Farm.

Photo 3 (Small)Written and Photos by Kristy Orkin; Posted by D. Veary

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