Farewelling Ayat on PhotoPeach

The Bridge program’s first hosting of sister school teachers was a huge success, judging from the applause given to Ayat as he thanked and farewelled the school in a farewell assembly.  The school gathered in the undercover area to watch students perform two cultural dances from Sulawesi, taught to them by Ifat and Ayat, during their fortnight at our school.  Unfortunately, Ifat had to return home earlier this week for family reasons, and Ms Symes took over the dance instruction.  The boys were taught by Ayat and they loved the boisterous nature of their dance, which culminated in a human pyramid, much to the delight of their audience.

Students shared their reflections on a special Asian cultural experience with Ifat and Ayat, all of which showed the impact of the Bridge program and Ibu Janice and Belinda Symes’ involvement in it.  Mr. K presented Ayat with a memento from the school and thanked him for his and Ifat’s valuable contribution, furthering our engagement with Asia cross-curriculum priority, through the BRIDGE program.  He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of Janice Dunlop and Belinda Symes with their participation in the program.  Ayat then presented Mr. K with a gift for the school and thanked students and staff for their warm welcome and the way they have all responded so positively to their stay in the school.

Written, photos and posted by D.Veary

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