Student Writers Published in the West Australian! 7Most writers have to wait until their adult years to have their writing published, but Annabel B. (Year 5) and Arley D. (Year 3) have shown the way with The West Australian publishing their writing in their ED liftout in Tuesday’s paper (24 October). Along with three other students, they entered the paper’s annual Junior Journo writing competition where they had to choose a category and produce a quality piece of writing which met the criteria. All five writers are to be commended for the standard of the writing they submitted, four in the “Book Review” section and one in the news article section, “The Buzz”.

Congratulations to Arley (Yr3) for her review of a non-fiction title “Australia’s Dangerous Creatures” and to Annabel (Yr5) for her journalism piece on our “MRPS Kitchen Garden Program”! I asked both girls how they felt when they learnt that they were winners and were being published, and this is what they said:

I was really, really excited, running all around the house and jumping up and down! I was excited and full of energy and it made me think, if you try – you can win!

Student Writers Published in the West Australian! 8

When Mrs Veary came to knock on the classroom door, I knew something was up! When she told me I felt a burst of excitement which spread through my body. At first I thought I had misheard, but when she told me again I got excited all over again.

It looks great how they have laid it out in the newspaper! I feel proud of what I have achieved.

Student Writers Published in the West Australian! 9Both girls have also won $100 each for their published writing. But more than that, they have the satisfaction every writer craves, of knowing that there was a real purpose for this writing and that it is being appreciated and enjoyed by a wide audience.

Annabel summed it up when she said,

People should definitely get into writing. It allows your mind to flow onto paper and when you get good at it, you’ll write smoothly. It’s a great interest to have.

You can enjoy reading their articles here. (scroll down on the sidebar on SCRIBD as you read on.

Arley’s Book Review – “Australia’s Dangerous Creatures” published in the West Australian 24/10/17 by DawnV13 on Scribd

Annabel’s Article – Joys of MRPS Kitchen Garden Program by DawnV13 on Scribd

Well done, girls and what a fabulous way to show what our Kitchen Garden Program means to our students!  Mrs Veary

Photos, Written by and posted by D. Veary