Student Leaders Elected!


to our recently elected student school leaders!

Following the formal democratic election process, students nominated for the positions and lobbied with posters around the school.  Then, on the day of the elections, they stood up in front of their peers and gave rousing speeches where they outlined their vision of how they could best represent their peers, before students were had their say through a formal written vote.

In this video clip you get an idea of how passionate some of our student leaders are about our school and the part they want to play in making it a great place to be.

We congratulate Student Councillors:

Olivia C, Gigi F, Willem H and Sidney E

and congratulations to Faction Captains:

Sun –  Sunnee W & Hunter L;

Earth—Rori M & Sidney E

Forest—Taylor S & Finn S;

Ocean— Shae L (CJ has left) & Curren D

Written, posted and photos by D. Veary




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