Harmony Day Hits a High Note at MRPS! 13

On Harmony Day last Thursday, Ms Helen led the entire student population of Margaret River Primary School in a “flashmob” event around our school, singing “Everyday People”.  It was a classic event which epitomised the spirit of Harmony Day which is

“about community participation, inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respect and belonging.”[excerpt from Wikipedia]

Harmony Day Hits a High Note at MRPS! 14

Ms Helen (with the support of Graeme Smailes carrying the newly purchased JBL Speaker bought with funds thanks to Settlers Tavern donations), walked her first singing group to sing outside a classroom until the class came out before moving on to the next class with the first group tagged on behind them… This flashmob of singers grew and grew as each group of students joined on as it wound its way ‘conga-line style’ down the school verandahs, through the transportables village – all the way through the school to the final destination – the school oval!

Harmony Day Hits a High Note at MRPS! 15

The song chosen was “Everyday People” and the words resonated as the crowd grew and grew, enthusiasm building with each step and with each new group of students joining in. High in the sky above the flashmob, the unfolding scene was recorded by drone photographer, Joel Busby. (Watch this space for a soon-to-be-produced movie using drone footage)

Harmony Day Hits a High Note at MRPS! 16

Out on the oval, Ms Helen led the whole school in singing the final rendition of “Everyday People”. One had to be there to experience the emotional impact of the event. Students certainly felt the powerful energy of being part of a large group of people coming together with a common purpose for good!

Harmony Day Hits a High Note at MRPS! 17
Once again, we have experienced the power of music to transcend personal differences and its ability to unite people with a collective voice and vision. This Harmony Day flashmob event syncs seamlessly with our school’s commitment to the vision of the “UN Global Sustainable Development Goals”, embracing cultural diversity. Thanks, Ms Helen for your creative musical interpretations.

Harmony Day Hits a High Note at MRPS! 18

Enjoy sharing the experience with this video.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary; video footage by Amy Murray; drone footage by Joel Busby