Our P&C do an outstanding job of providing the money for a myriad of extras for our school.  These include beautification projects where they’ve developed gardens and green spaces, provided undercover and shade structures, built walls and benching; they’ve put funds towards improving ICT by paying for bundles of i-pads across the school; and the list goes on…   In short, we are very fortunate to have such a committed group of people over the years whose main aim is to provide whatever the school says they need to make our kids’ experience of school and learning as good as possible, by raising the funds and giving their time to help MRPS make that difference!

Spellathon is our P&C’s major fundraising event – so please help to make this really successful!

PromotionYou could use this weekend to learn your words and find some willing sponsors…

Written and posted by D. Veary; Poster by Kat Caley

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