Today in garden we had to do some jobs for Ange. As a class  we sat down in the cover area and discussed what we were going to do today.

IMG_0008 (Small)Ange told us to do our jobs slowly so we could look for the seedlings that are growing and that have grown since we were last  in the garden.

IMG_0016 (Small)Ange said the first job was leaf picking, so we had to go around the garden raking and picking up the leaves that had fallen off the fruit trees and putting them into a bucket. The leaves were then put into the compost.

IMG_0009 (Small)The second job was to pick the bugs, such as the green caterpillars and snails, off the leaves. We put them in a bucket or squashed them. The only reason we are taking the bugs off was because they were eating the vegetables.

IMG_0012 (Small)Our next job was harvesting but before we did the harvesting we had to get a bucket, secateurs and gloves. We harvested lettuce and basil, it was a really tiring job! We had to go into the kitchen to wash the leaves so there was no dirt left on them. Then we had to take the flowers off the basil, it took us a good 20 minutes to do .

Holey Moly, that’s a lot of jobs but we had a few more.  Next Maylin , Denver and Jay had to collect the eggs from the chicken pen.   Well they were having fun!  After they collected the eggs they moved the three chickens to their day run.

We all had a blast.

From the people in T4, we all want to say thank you for another fantastic garden lesson.  😎

Written and photos by Bella and Meg T4; Posted by D. Veary

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