Last week all students received their Spellathon list words and fundraising sheet.  This is a really good educational fundraiser as students get to practise their spelling while raising money which goes back into the school.  There are a number of incentive prizes, $100 and $20 gift certificates which can be redeemed in a shop of their choice in Margaret River (with parent approval). 

There will be 8 major prize winners.  There is a prize for the overall highest fund raiser in the school and one prize per Year Group for achieving 100% spelling (drawn from a hat). Prizes will also be drawn for the highest prize winner in each class and further prizes for participants who have returned money to the office by the given time.  So, as you can see, there are heaps of incentives to participate.

Students can now start learning their words and finding sponsors to be ready for their Spellathon testing in class on Monday 20th June.  What  a great way to learn your inquiry words!  🙂

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