Shared Bushfire Experience Brings Hope 7
Kelmscott Primary showed their big hearts and generosity of spirit when they visited our school on Friday.  Mrs McIntosh, Year 7 Representative Emilee and Chaplain Bec brought gifts with love as they told how Kelmscott Primary identified with Margaret River in our bushfire tragedy.

Mrs McIntosh gave a moving account of how bushfire had affected the Roleystone/Kelmscott community in January of this year and how so many people in Australia had supported them and provided for the needs of those most deeply affected.  She told us how the waterbombers had saved the school, with fire burning to within five metres of their new buildings and how they had had to clean up and burn scented candles in classrooms to disguise the smell of smoke.

Shared Bushfire Experience Brings Hope 8

To begin their healing process, she and Chaplain Bec decided to cater for the needs of the children and they had purchased toys for their kids.  This had helped enormously to replace some of the toys children had lost to the fire, but it had also helped by giving kids something fun to do to help cope with the enormous stress and loss.

The Year 6/7s of Kelmscott Primary traditionally buy the school a gift with the proceeds of their year of fundraising but this year, the students wanted instead to buy toys for the children in our school who had suffered loss in our bushfire, so that they too could begin the healing process.

   Shared Bushfire Experience Brings Hope 9

Emilee officially presented the gifts of bikes, scooters, ripsticks and boardgames to our school on behalf of Kelmscott Primary Year 6/7. These were then presented to affected students in our school.

It is at times like this that one realises the power of acts of kindness, especially from strangers. Ironically, a destructive force like bushfire has led to a powerful act of loving kindness.  Thank you, Kelmscott Primary. 🙂



  1. Narelle Jennion says:

    A very emotional day on many levels. As a Kelmscott girl I was very proud and very touched by the generosity. Although we were not directly effected by the fires it has made an impact on my family in different ways. My sister was also lucky to have her house after the Kelmscott fires with just her garden burning. I am happy to be able to support both communties.

  2. Louise Mann says:

    What a wonderful act of humanity. Thank you Kelmscott Primary Students for your thoughtful and selfless gesture. You are a credit to your school and your community.

  3. Sue Jackman says:

    Something good always come out of something bad – either sooner or later. Aren’t kids just wonderful x

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