High School Dance And Music Concert 7

Last week Margaret River Senior High School students entertained us in their usual inimitable style, under the leadership of Kara Beecham when they performed their annual concert in the undercover area. The music and dance performances were varied, from electric guitar Black Sabbath numbers, duets and an all-girls group, our own MRPS SIMS performers, to a moving performance by Anna Rose’s accapello group. Mr Pete showed his unique guitar playing skills and stage presence as he worked the crowd, creating chords and manipulating the strings to create an original and entertaining piece.

High School Dance And Music Concert 8
You can listen here to his amazing sound creation. Mister Pete

The dance troupes wore vivid costumes as they performed rock ‘n roll numbers, with all the lifts and jumps that go with the jive. All the dancers kept up the pace and spirit of fun with cheeky choreography and clever outfits.

High School Dance And Music Concert 9

Students were thoroughly entertained and teachers were impressed by the talent shown by so many past students.  Thank you Kara and the Margaret River Senior High School Dance and Music students and Merry Christmas to you too.

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