Cool, cloudy conditions greeted the Margaret River Primary School community for its third annual 5km fun run from the airport back to the school via the rails to trails network last Friday. The course whilst muddy and wet in areas, failed to dampen the participants enthusiasm for what has become an annual spring event.

Some community members ran, some walked but all returned to the school in time for the fun filled activities taking place after the run throughout the school.
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In the competitive run, the following runners completed the course first for their year groups and in the listed times.

Year 4    Time
First Girl    Tara A.    26:06
First Boy    Gus S.    23:02

Year 5
First Girl    Carys R. 25:19
First Boy    Kade D.    20:51

Year 6
First Girl    Claudia Griffyn  26:42
First Boy    Zac D.    21:11

Year 7
First Girl    Tia B. 25:00
First Boy    Max F. 20:10

A puffing Margaret River School principal, Sinan Kerimofski, after completing the fun run himself said he was glad the rain had held off and thanked all community members who assisted with the smooth running of the event.

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And the fun didn’t stop there!  Back at school after lunch the quadrangle was transformed into stalls and activities.  You can see some of the action in this Smilebox.


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A huge thank you to all of our parents and friends of our school who volunteered and joined in this annual school community fundraiser event!  😆 I really want to thank Gabrielle Clark for gladly carrying the camera and snapping key moments throughout the run – what a star!  It’s the community pulling together and your help and support which makes these events worthwhile and just so successful.  Thank you!
Written by G. Gibbon (and D.Veary); Photos by Gabrielle Clark and Louise de Mar; Posted by D. Veary

Editors note:  On our original post the winning result for Year 6 girls was incorrect.  This has now been amended (see above).  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.