Img_6682 EditedWorking with the Cape to Cape Catchment Group, Year 6 students in Rooms 11 and 12 have been researching the health of the Margaret River.  Their research culminated in a presentation of their findings at the Cape to Cape Confluence, held in the undercover area last week.  They shared their main message with the rest of the school at our assembly on Monday.  They showed the interconnectedness of our actions with the health of our river and showed just how big an area the river covers through their poster and artwork.  Students talked about the environmental impact of thoughtless actions on the unique water creatures who live in the Margaret River with their larger-than-life models of the Hairy Marron and Pouched Lamprey,

Img_6684 (Small)Their environmental message was supported by our visiting speakers, Sue Gibson and Michelle Gabbing, promoting Plastic Free July.  Michelle gave a number of examples of choosing alternatives to plastic, including glass straws, stainless steel drink bottles and avoiding using plastic shopping bags.  For more ideas and information, please visit the website PLASTIC FREE JULY. (click on it to go to website).  The official Plastic Free July launch will be at the Farmers’ Market this weekend.

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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