Learning Environment - PP room 20 term 3 (Small)
New raspberry Hokki stools and conundrum table in Pre-Primary Room 20

Our Pre-Primary students are really enjoying their new furniture.  Here you can see students in Pre-Primary Room 20 road-testing some of the new wobbly Hokki stools and their new conundrum table.  As part of our M3 learning environment philosophy we have chosen to incorporate vibrant colours into learning spaces as students respond intuitively to different colours and colour stimulates memory.

In Woods’ brochure they explain this as:

Just as sound, smell, taste, touch and movement power memory, colour affects moods, performance and learning.  [Indre Kisonas B. Design (industrial)]

The Hokki stools are designed to engage our kinaesthetic learners who learn best when they can move around, as they can wiggle a little on these ergonomically designed stools.  The conundrum tables are great for collaboration and working in groups with the teacher.

Photo by Kat Caley; Written and posted by D.Veary


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