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Last Wednesday night was standing room only at Settlers for the annual Battle of the Bands!   The bands: Sirens Impact (Mentor: Noah Shilkin); The Nation of Groove (Mentor: Mike Goodwin); Redbacks (Mentor: Tony Lane); Riverdogs (Mentor: Graeme Smailes) and South Sound (Mentor: Graeme Smailes) gave all that they had and that seemed to really please the crowd.

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Stl4Mrpsbands20140806 (Small)Ms Helen and mentors of all the bands were really pleased with their performances and would like to thank Karen Gough at Settlers Tavern for being so supportive by providing the venue and for their $ for $ support with fundraising!  Many thanks too to all the parents who come along and make this such a successful community event!  Funds raised go straight back into the Music programme.  Wednesday night raised over $2 000.  [That’s music to all our ears!]

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Enjoy these video clips of some of the night’s performances.  [With grateful thanks to all those parents and friends who provided film clips from the night.] 🙂

Filmed by Amber Martin and Mike Goodwin; Photos by Settlers and Deb Selkeld; Written and posted by D. Veary

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