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It took a while but we finally finished it – the Kitchen, where you cook fresh things like the other week, the first people to cook in the kitchen cooked pizza with home made dough and fresh produce from the kitchen garden.  There were some pretty fascinating pizzas.  One even had anchovies on, but in the end they all tasted great.  The kitchen has five work stations for five groups to make their master piece.  Personally, I absolutely love the new kitchen.  It has a store room that is filled with fresh things from the kitchen garden and loads of other things to make amazing dishes.  Some of the rules in the kitchen are: wash your hands, no running, if you make a mess you clean it up, do your own dishes and always have your shoes on.  The kitchen has a lot of equipment such as plates, mixer, ovens and rollers and that hasn’t even scratched the surface of the amount of things the kitchen has.  We are expecting some pretty amazing dishes to be made over the year at Margaret River Primary School in our brand new kitchen.  It was first used on the 9th May 2012.  A special thanks to all the people who helped out to build, plan and design the kitchen.  An even bigger thanks to Suzie and Mel and the volunteers who helped us.  We hope to get a lot of use out of the kitchen.

Lucy J. – Room T4

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Photos by Liz Angell


On the 16th of May the year 5’s from room 4 used our brand new kitchen for the first time. We got to make pizzas with all the herbs and toppings from our blooming kitchen garden (oregano, mint, basil, sage etc.) After we had made our pizza we sat down and shared them all. They were so delicious and the best thing was that it was so easy and quick to make. Also a special thanks to Mel and the four volunteers for making it all possible. Cooking in the kitchen was a lot of fun and we can’t wait to go back again next time. I wonder what we are going to make at our next session …?

Written by Jade K. in Room 4

Our New Kitchen is Popular 12Our New Kitchen is Popular 13

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  1. Jocelyn O'Byrne says:

    Congratulations and well done Mel, Susie, volunteers, P & C and who ever else has taken this project to fruition. Awesome effort and a proud day for you all.

    I am so impressed and embrace your efforts wholeheartedly. Still 2 years until my son gets to kitchen garden age. But I am really inspired to get the wholefood happening at home (again!) and getting our vegie garden happening and Isaac involved.

    Thanks a whole bunch.

    warmest wishes

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