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On Friday 25th May the school gathered in the undercover area for a formal opening of the Kitchen.  Mr K introduced the Kitchen Garden team to the school and welcomed Katie Clarke, a benefactor of the project, before handing over to Mr Mcleod.

Official Opening Of Our New Kitchen 14

Mr Mcleod gave a moving synopsis of the project telling students how proud he was of them and of what they have all achieved together. He thanked the Kitchen Garden team as individuals for their time and particular skills, special talents and support (both physical and financial) which they have brought to this project to make is so successful.

Official Opening Of Our New Kitchen 15

Students were then treated to a slideshow which illustrated the slow but sure journey from the initial concept, to garden beds, soil and seeds and finally to our working kitchen as part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation.  (You can watch this slideshow below.)

Katie Clarke (benefactor) and Mr Mcleod held the symbolic strip of ribbon which both Susie and Mel ceremoniously cut – as the Kitchen was declared “open”!

Official Opening Of Our New Kitchen 16

Teachers then took their classes down to the kitchen where students were able to go into the kitchen to have a look and to receive one of the over six hundred cupcakes Mel had baked for them!  From the looks on their faces, it must be yet another winning recipe!

Official Opening Of Our New Kitchen 17  Official Opening Of Our New Kitchen 18

 Mr Mcleod and the Kitchen Garden team would like to thank all volunteers who have contributed to the success of this project, with special mention to: Dave Burke for the wonderful work he did to construct and render the new addition to our kitchen garden adding about 20 sq.m of garden space.  Thanks also to Jacob Landscaping Supplies for donating the sand required for this task. Many thanks to Ben Aitken for his efforts in backfilling the garden beds and organising the equipment from Trade Hire. Ben’s efforts saved us many hours of wheelbarrow labour!Many thanks also to Trade Hire for donating the use of a laser level and for their generosity with the hire of equipment. Thanks too to Dan Norrish for his help with fencing and Rhonda Norrish for helping with painting the kitchen.

Thank you to Mr Mcleod for putting this photostory together (“Food, Glorious Food” from Oliver – from i-tunes)

Written by D. Veary and G. Mcleod; Photos and posted by D. Veary

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