It’s on again – the quarterly nit-busting weekend where we take a whole school approach to keeping nits out!  Notes went home today so that your child can bring back a signed note on Monday if he or she has participated, and children will be rewarded with an icey pole for their (and your) effort.  😎

nit week (Small)

Poster by Kat Caley; Posted by D. Veary

One thought on “Nit Busting this Weekend!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello I came across adding a Cpl caps of tea tree n fave conditioner to a spray bottle used EVERY morning and my daughters have NEVER gotten nits for over 15 yrs now. When I have treated their friends I have added an organic conditioner from coles to smother eggs and live louse The next day wash and comb. This WORKS and is cheep as well as readily available.

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