Music Room photo (Small)Students from years 4 –7 were fortunate to have a workshop and performance by Mark Cain and his world of PVC Music recently.  He has turned pvc piping, vacuum and garden hoses and all things round and plastic into amazing musical instruments.  Mark had students stunned by his range of instruments as he entertained them with instruments from the a range of musical families, including brass and percussion.  Many of the instruments had students guessing, but once they’d got over what they looked like and listened to what they sounded like, they were easier to pick.  You can listen to some of their sounds here, then watch a slideshow below.

Students were enthralled and eagerly participated in playing the wide range of instruments.

You can see some of more creative instruments in this slideshow.

Musical Treasures from Trash 5Musical Treasures from Trash 6

Ms Helen would like to thank Paul and the staff at Home Hardware for

their generous donation of materials to the Music program at Margaret River Primary. The sheer joy of making a musical instrument from pvc/recycled materials and the illustration of the scientific principles involved has been greatly assisted by the kind donation and community spirit of the local Margaret River Home Hardware.


The Music Room has been buzzing with creative ideas as students experiment, making new instruments.  Watch this space for their creations sometime soon….

Written and posted by D. Veary; photos by D. Veary and Ms Helen

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