6 thoughts on “Exciting Changes to Learning Environment…

  1. Lisa Fenton says:

    Wow that classroom looks fantastic! So exciting Dawn. Can’t wait to hear the great stories from Lil about how it is going.

  2. Rosalie Tomlinson says:

    It was great to hear the excitement in the students’ voices this morning as they described their new look classroom to their friends. The colours are lively and fresh but at the same time quite calming. It’s a lovely environment in which to learn and create. Super choices Dawn.

  3. Jocelyn O'Byrne says:

    Looking foward to seeing how the students like the mushroom chairs. It all looks so fresh, colourful, innovative and an inviting environment to learn and grow together in. Thanks Dawn for your efforts. What an exciting and special opportunity for the students of Room6!

  4. Ebony Larsson-Nash says:

    Umm, what… How come all the exciting stuff happens after we finished primary school! It’s only been two years! haha

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