Musica Viva - Walking with Wilderness 11

Birdsong filled the air. Currawong calls competed with the humming legs of the tiktok cicada and the tinkling tones of the superb fairy wren.  The forest soundscape was everywhere as Musica Viva set the scene for their Walking with the Wilderness performance this week.

This performance was all about becoming aware of nature and actively listening to birdcalls, then demonstrating how musical instruments can imitate birdsong. The duo used a variety of flutes and creative percussion instruments (including cereal bowls) to cleverly replicate bird calls.

Musica Viva - Walking with Wilderness 12Musica Viva - Walking with Wilderness 13

Ms Helen brought together two year six classes with their percussion instruments to play the notes of the soundscapes they’d created in class.

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Daniel was thrust into the limelight to conduct the range of soundscapes and performers and the result was a rhapsody of nature.

Musica Viva - Walking with Wilderness 14

Students enjoyed the interactive nature of the performance, and so did Ms Helen’s budgie, Ricky, who added his voice to the soundscape as he too responded to nature’s orchestra.

Musica Viva - Walking with Wilderness 15

Written, photos and posted by D.Veary