Farewelling Judy - Canteen Stalwart 3
Next week Friday, self-professed ‘sandwich artist’, Judy Durlik will hang up her apron after twenty-four years in our school canteen. It began all those years ago when Judy had two of her children at Margaret River Primary, and she ‘helped out’ in the canteen. Then manager, Heather, asked her if she’d like to work in the canteen for one day a week…which grew to full-time…and twenty-four years later we can’t picture our canteen without Judy in it.

I asked her what’s kept her in the job for all those years, and she said:

I love the kids. It’s a great job with no pressure, nice kids and I’ve met lovely people here. I’ve enjoyed watching the kids grow up and I’ve seen three generations go through over the years. They all love a chat and I enjoy listening to their stories.
More than anything Judy said it’s the sense of community she’s enjoyed, working with a range of good people over the years, many of whom she still catches up with today.
Judy says that not much has changed over the years, although there’ve been adaptations to favourite recipes in a move to healthier options. The canteen crew work hard every day as just about everything is made in that kitchen from muffins to soups, spag bog and nachos. Judy’s favourite area has been baking, and although muffins top the list for all-time favourites, she remembers fondly the chocolate slice with icing, of the early days. (Watch this space for a recipe to follow.)
Although she’ll miss working in the canteen, Judy is looking forward to being able to spend more time with her grandchildren, after being everyone’s granny at school. We’ll miss her empathy, her friendliness and her practical nature but we all wish her the very best as she embraces this new phase in her life.
In summing up, Judy said:
“I’ve had a good time.  I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Photos, written and posted by D. Veary

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