amanaska smallNext week Musica Viva’s Amanaska will perform their unique sound for students in the Undercover Area on Monday and Tuesday (1st and 2nd September).

Parents, guardians and community members are invited to attend the performances, free of charge.

Ms Helen has been preparing students for Amanaska’s performance by teaching them to create loops using technology.
We will be featuring some of their works in progress over the next few weeks.

Here is an echo activity from Amanaska’s Baglama by Year 1 students:

Amanaska have been promoted on the Amanaska Musica Viva Website as:

… a funky world music outfit that loops, layers and mashes cultures together as much as it does music. It’s what you might expect to hear in a trendy cafe in Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul or just about any other modern global city. Featuring voice, bansuri keyboards, sound-mixing and a slide didgeridoo, this performance uses music technology to combine rhythmic, melodic and visual elements in an exciting multicultural performance. Students will learn how easy it is to create their own compositions through the basic principles of recording and sampling, and Amanaksa demonstrates to students the profound impact technology and culture has in connecting people through music.

We’re all looking forward to the concerts on Monday and Tuesday and hope to see some parents there too.  🙂

Written and posted by D. Veary; Video Clip by Ms Helen

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