1. Lee-Anne Townrow says:

    A huge congratulations to the Re-branding team, the staff and the creatives who have designed a beautiful, fresh and dynamic look for MRPS. I think it really symbolises the exciting and diverse community that we live in and is a great step forward. I can’t wait to see it implemented.
    (The kids seem to have really embraced it as well, so that has to be a huge bonus!!)

  2. Jenny Griffyn says:

    I agree with Lee-Anne, and love the way the new logo gives tribute to the “old” design by incorporating it in the new one. What I love the most about the new logo is that it clearly is looking ahead towards the future of our children, acknowledging the importance of taking a long term perspective of education.

    The school motto: ‘grow and achieve together’ reflects the inclusive and supportive environment we have encountered at the school since our return to Margaret River in January.

    As a parent I am also impressed with the high level of community consultation that Sinan and his team has offered to us during this whole process (seems to be their style 🙂 )

    Naturally we enjoy the blog, and being in the web industry ourselves we recognise the great amount of work involved. Thanks Dawn for the poll too, it is great to see what the school community thinks about the branding now when its done.

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