2011 Mrps Fun Run 3

Time to shake out those running shoes and get into shape! Make sure you mark NOVEMBER 18 on your calendar for the  Margaret River Primary School Fun Run! This event will replace BOTVC this year as our major fundraiser for ICT at our school. It will incorporate a number of the activities usually held there, including food and drink stalls, fun activities and of course, the Fun Run.

As you know, ICT plays an integral part in our school’s inquiry-based learning program and contributes to our students’ engagement and development as 21st century learners.  Providing the technology required for our innovative ICT program relies on us fundraising successfully each year.  This has traditionally been through our annual BOTVC event, which has seen us able to equip each classroom with a smartboard over the past few years. 

 This year our community event is our SCHOOL FUN RUN (which Adidas promotes to raise vital extra funding and support health and education), where students can seek sponsorship from a wide range of supporters.

Students took home sponsorship forms last week and we ask that you support and assist them in obtaining sponsors to make this a successful fundraiser for ICT in our school.   Student incentives are offered in the prize booklet they brought home with a wide range of prize items displayed.  This is a great opportunity to encourage health and fitness with your child.

We welcome all sponsorship and support for our ICT program and we look forward to seeing as many parents as possible sharing this day of healthy fun with their children on the afternoon of FRIDAY, 18 NOVEMBER. 

Watch this space for more details in the coming week.  😎

Written by: D. Veary; Photo: G. Gibbon; Posted by: D. Veary

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