Room 22 held a very special Mothers’ Day celebration this year.  This is the special movie they made to thank their mums for being SO very special!   🙂 

The children in room 22 had a very busy week making scones, cucumber sandwiches etc for our High Tea to celebrate Mother’s Day.

High Tea
High Tea

We invited our Mums or Grandmas to visit our classroom and spoilt them by practising the “Massage in School Programme’ that we have used in class this semester.They were all relaxed and enjoyed the day and enjoyed the movie we made on the Ipad.

Massage Time
Massage Time

We are so lucky to have such beautiful Mother’s and thank you to all of them for attending our High Tea.  You can see how special the children thought they were by the personal messages below.

IMG_1107 (Small)

IMG_1102 (Small)

IMG_1100 (Small)

IMG_1099 (Small)

IMG_1126 (Small)

IMG_1125 (Small)

IMG_1111 (Small)

IMG_1110 (Small)

IMG_1108 (Small)

Photos and written by L. Macaulay; Posted by D.Veary

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