The Chickens are Here!

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Squawk, squawk, squawk! Three new feathery friends have arrived at the school. They’re scratching at the ground and finding new adventures every day. Let’s see what our feathery friends are up to!

The chickens’ breed is High Line. High Line is a good breed because they don’t go broody. This breed allows the chickens to live up to eight whole years! We got the chickens from the Sunflower Farm.

Img_5022 (Small)Susie asked us to write down what we would like to name the chickens. All the T’s are going to write down what they want to call the chickens. Next week Susie is going to pull out three of the names for our feathery friends.

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Chickens start laying at four to six months old. Our chickens won’t lay right now because the weather is too cold and our chickens need warm weather to lay eggs.

The chooks live in a coop between T3 and T4, which is very safe. Susie and all the T’s will be looking after the chickens and their coop.

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We want only the best for our chickens and hope that they have a lovely life in our school garden.

This was written by our FOUR journalists: Lulu G, Lily M, Taya R and Emily C from T4.  We welcome Emily to the writing group and look forward to their Breaking Garden News each fortnight.

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Written and photos by our four journalists; Posted by D. Veary


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