This term the Pre Primary children are learning about the weather and how it affects our everyday life.
On Thursday, May 7th the Pre Primary children travelled by bus to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to find out information about how the weather is collected.

009 (Small)It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day so we all had morning tea together outside.

021 (Small)After morning tea we broke up into groups and explored the area. We walked around the lighthouse and discovered why it is so important.

054 (Small)

068 (Small)We found out about the instruments that collect the weather information and how the information is sent to Perth.

061 (Small)

075 (Small)We looked at the old photos and the big lighthouse light in the information centre.

085 (Small)Then we listened to a story called The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

027 (Small)After lunch and a play it was time to head back to school on the bus.

092 (Small)

093 (Small)Some of us were VERY tired after such a big day.

097 (Small)113 (Small)

Written and photos by Jan France; Posted by D. Veary

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