term 2 room 20 125 (Small)At Pre Primary we have been learning about safe stick use and play.

term 2 room 20 116 (Small)We have introduced stick play into our wild spaces in the gardens and children are enjoying building, creating, communicating and learning together.

term 2 room 20 119 (Small)


term 2 room 20 121 (Small)

The children have been very respectful as to how to carry and use a stick and all Kindy and Pre Primary students are now incorporating sticks into their constructive outdoor play.

term 2 room 20 128 (Small)

The children have also been collecting fallen leaves, flowers and bark to create houses, kingdoms, villages, shelters and cubbies. What fun!

term 2 room 20 124 (Small)

Written and photos by Clare Dallimore; Posted by D. Veary

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