IMG_4705 (Small)Here are some of the wonderful work samples completed by the children in Room 18 as part of our Weather Inquiry unit this term.
These beautiful paintings were created using water colours to show what we enjoy doing on a sunny day.

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We also completed a range of activities based on the book, ‘Little Cloud’  by Eric Carle.

Book Cover Little Cloud (Small)

After listening to the story we used hoops and picture prompts to help us retell the story.

Oral Retell (Small)

Oral Retell Pics (Small)All the children did a great job to show how they could remember the beginning, middle and end of the story by doing a storymap complete with fluffy cottonwool clouds.

IMG_4748 (Small)

IMG_4749 (Small)Last, we had great fun using shaving cream and PVA glue to create our own puffy Little Cloud pictures. This is how we created the pictures.

When they were finished we glued the words for our sentence underneath our picture.

IMG_4757 (Small) IMG_4756 (Small) IMG_4755 (Small) IMG_4746 (Small) IMG_4745 (Small) IMG_4744 (Small) IMG_4743 (Small)We have enjoyed learning about weather in our world this term.

IMG_4695 (Small)

Written and photos by Cathy Webb; Hard work by Students in Room 18; Posted by D. Veary

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