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Today, our school community officially recognised the outstanding service Max Godden provides on a daily basis to all those who use the Forrest Road school crosswalk.  On behalf of the staff, Troy Yates presented Max with the Campbell Cup  with this “inscription”

Awarded to Max

For being such a valuable part of our school community, giving our students the perfect start to their daily learning journeys.

He also presented him with an aptly named bottle of Juniper Crossing wine.

We all value Max’s smile and helpful, friendly manner as he makes the road safe for our students to cross, assists mothers with strollers and cheerfully greets one and all by name each morning of the school year.  🙂

Max Godden was instrumental in establishing this service when he saw the need for a Forrest Road crosswalk and approached the authorities and became the traffic warden early in 2011.  Nearly five years later, Max has become a much-loved member of our school community, providing an essential and welcome service as our school has grown.

Thank you, Max and we wish you a very happy 85th birthday!  😎

For those who remember Max setting up the crossing in 2011, this was his advice to students:

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photo courtesy of Troy Yates and parents

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