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Mr Thomas hails from a teaching family, having grown up with his father a principal and his mother a teacher, as they moved around regional W.A.  He initially chose a different path, completing a Commerce Degree in Marketing and Research then becoming involved in a number of start-up companies in Perth where he developed his business acumen.  Later, with business experience under his belt and after much travel, Mr Thomas became an educator, following in the family tradition.

He worked his way up to Deputy Principal in a Perth school, then took on the role of principal at Perth Primary Schools in Hilton and Spearwood, before his last position as principal of an IPS school at Dudley Park PS in Mandurah.

He and his family have just spent three months travelling through Indonesia on long service leave, from Bali to Lombok, to Sandawi and Sumatra, which he said was a wonderful experience for all.  His wife and two boys are looking forward to moving down to Margaret River at the end of the school year and the Thomas family look forward to becoming part of this vibrant local community.

Over the years, Mr Thomas has always enjoyed sport, playing League Cricket in Surrey, England over three seasons; surfing up and down the coast and with his current involvement in adventure racing.  He and his family really enjoy the beach and an active outdoors lifestyle.  This may be what initially attracted him to the South West and now Margaret River, where he has been watching the journey of our school over the years.  He really appreciates the good work which has been done at this school and he is looking forward to continuing to shape its journey as MRPS enters a new phase as an Independent Public School.

Mr Thomas said that,

“the good thing about being IPS is that it allows the school to make decisions based on the community’s values.  A distinctive school in a distinctive community is able to use its resources (both people and items) in a very specific way.”

When I asked him for his initial impressions of MRPS, Mr Thomas said

After only one day, I can see that there is a real buzz here.  The kids seem genuinely excited and they like being at school.”

Mr Thomas has an open door policy and welcomes your feedback, saying in closing:

“If you see me walking around outside, approach me and have a chat.  I’m always willing to hear what’s on your mind as that way we can discuss new ideas and find suitable solutions.”

Written, photo and posted by D. Veary

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