In Kitchen class we made Fried Rice Lettuce Cups.

Kitchen Garden News - T5 11 Sarah showed us how to prepare all of the ingredients which required carefully cutting, slicing and chopping lots of different vegetables. She also impressed upon us the need to accurately measure the sauces and oils that would be needed.

Kitchen Garden News - T5 12The most important thing to remember about making a stir fry is that you need to have all the ingredients prepared and ready for use BEFORE you begin to cook. Otherwise some ingredients could burn and be ruined waiting for other ingredients to be added.

Kitchen Garden News - T5 13

We also learned that hot oil can be very dangerous and that a stir fry requires you to continually move the vegetables around as they are frying in the wok.

Kitchen Garden News - T5 14


We pre-prepared the egg component and basically created an omelette. This was a great opportunity to learn new skills and practise our important knife skills.

Kitchen Garden News - T5 15


Comments from T5:

I love how Sarah always prepares for new recipes and using fresh ingredients. (Tilly)

The lettuce was yummy and delicious. (Renison)

You have to try it! (Felix)

I love how Sarah challenges us with new skills and tips to help us be safe. (Olivia)

I love how every day in kitchen we are learning new skills and today I learned that you have to have all ingredients ready before you start cooking. (Taylor)

I’m loving kitchen. It’s great! It is an opportunity to learn how to cook and prepare food with all your friends. (Ava)

I love the creative idea of putting the stir fry in the lettuce. It was very appetising. (Oliver)

I liked it when Mr Mac took a picture of me doing the dishes because I worked hard doing them. (River)

Today I was very happy with my group because they worked super hard to get it right…..and it turned out delicious. (Abby)

I liked stirring the rice into the veges and I liked the lettuce cups and the filling. It was delicious. (Isy)

Written and photos by Mr. Mcleod; Posted by D. Veary

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