Tyres and haybales lined the track as the chequered flags were held aloft, then sharply lowered.  Revved up racers gripped the steering wheels of their innovative machines as they sprang forward.  It could well have been a scene from a Kyalami racetrack, but no –  it was the annual Year 6 Go-kart Race on our school oval!

2017 Go-Karts Get The Adrenalin Pumping 3

Students, teachers and parents returned from their nights away on the Year 6 Camp for their final event – Go-kart Construction and Race Day.

Students swarmed the oval in the morning, bringing with them boundless enthusiasm, interesting go-kart items, creative design plans and the most valuable resource of all: teams of hands-on parents and friends with power tools and the patience to construct engineering marvels in the space of a morning!

The parents I spoke to praised students for their innovative ideas and were all backing their own teams as “serious contenders”.

The video below tells the full story and gives some idea of the friendly competition and sense of fun the event brings to the end of Year 6, shared by the whole school.  Thank you to the Year 6 teachers, parents and friends and all our students for your creativity, teamwork and obvious hard work!

2017 MRPS Go-karts from MRPS on Vimeo.

Written, photos and video clip and posted by D. Veary

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