Kitchen Garden News 3

We extend many thanks to all volunteers who have offered their assistance to our specialists for the kitchen and garden programs for Term 3.  New volunteers are always welcome.

We are very thankful to all families who have paid the $15 contribution to the kitchen garden program. As you are probably aware, the programs in place do come at a significant cost and your contribution does assist us to meet the essential expenditure for the program.


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This Thursday the 5th July Susie and Mel held their first sale of produce and products made in the kitchen. Delicious preserved lemons, lime chutney, chilli oil, bouquet garni, dried bean leaves,  pesto, seedlings and organic garden produce were all on sale.  You can see how yummy and healthy they looked Thank you to all those who found something of interest to purchase and support the program.


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Congratulations to everyone who was involved in helping us to finish the kitchen and garden extension ready for lessons early this term. Our two specialists, Susie and Mel, are also to be congratulated for the excellent work they are doing with our students. The students exhibit great excitement and enthusiasm for the respective programs and they have been a resounding success this term. Your continuing support will help us to deliver a successful program throughout the year.

Next term we are expecting some exciting visitors to our Kitchen Garden and Kitchen – Stephanie Alexander will be visiting our kitchen garden program early in Term 3. We’ll keep you posted with details as they are confirmed.

Written by Geoff McLeod (KG Program Coordinator); Photos and posted by D. Veary





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